pic-sub-tree-shrub-scheduleTree & Shrub Schedule

Dormant Oil

This is an organic spray applied to the landscape plants during the dormant months at the first of the year. This spray helps control scale and spider mites which can be difficult to get out of the landscape. These pests can be especially troublesome in warmer, hot weather when their populations are able to increase dramatically.

Spring Fertilizer

  • Offers slow release of the fertilizer to last through the summer months. This provides a metered, slow feeding to landscape shrubs.
  • Allows plants to leaf out and bloom in a natural manner by providing the energy for flowers to flush and leafing plants to fill in.
  • Includes Humates for soil pH amending and natural plant fertilizing.
  • Additional Micro-nutrients included for trace plant nutrients, greening and plant health.
  • An ideally balanced fertilizer that plants respond to!

Insect and Disease Control

We include spray programs for pests and diseases in our landscaping programs. Diamond Lawn is proud to offer the most recently developed products available.

  • Fungicides are required for most of the Crape Myrtles that are included in our landscapes. This odorless spray has a long residual to keep these important plants free of the mildew problem.
  • Insect controls have really changed over the past years. Longer residuals and more effectively targeting of plant damaging pests are a few of the changes. These products are designed to control only the chewing and sucking insects once they dry.
  • Soaps are always included in the spray application. This will adhere the materials to the plant while also cleaning the landscape shrubs. Most organic programs include soap with any spray application.
  • These new pest control products, while being a very effective control, there is almost no odor. This was unheard of a several years ago.
  • Reduced toxicity of these products is important for you to know. Products that were standard a few years ago have been eliminated and replaced. Please know that you can inquire about any product used in the treatment of your property.
  • Once dry, these sprays are safe to birds, bees and butterflies.

Fall Fertilizer

After summer heat, landscapes need a well balanced feeding to recover.

  • This formula of fertilizer will enhance the landscape plants rooting which is required from the heat related stress and root pruning that has occurred.
  • At the end of the year, trees and landscape plants will discontinue to top growth, or leafy growth. They then start the root and cambium growing, i.e. new tissue under the bark. This cambium and rooting is essential for the landscape plants overall success.
  • Additional micro-nutrients included for trace plant nutrients, greening and plant health.


We prefer to make return visits to check on your landscape than use overly toxic materials. We are happy to answer any questions about these products.