pic-sub-tree-shrubTree and Shrub

Texas landscapes must be adaptable to weather extremes that normally occur here:

  • The summer heat in Texas can wither any landscape, even properly irrigated ones.
  • Winter winds can damage even the hardiest of plant materials.

That is why Diamond Lawn gives your landscape the edge it needs. Properly formulated fertilizers ensure the landscape receives the nutrients needed to keep it lush and lovely.

Diamond Lawn uses the Plant Health Care® fertilizer system. We truly believe in its benefits over other programs. This product is specifically formulated for landscapes and trees, not lawns.

Yearly Schedule

Tree & Shrub Program Treatment Schedule
Dormant Oil January, February, March
Spring Fertilizer February, March, April
Insect and Disease Control April through September
Fall Fertilizer September, October, November


A great combination of nutrients will provide landscapes with the nutrition needed at right time of the year. This aids in landscapes getting healthier, greener and more durable to weather extremes. We are always willing to take a look at any programs in your landscape. There is no charge for extra service calls.