pic-sub-maintenance-fullFull Maintenance

Mowing on a weekly basis in the growing season, pruning shrubs especially to formal shapes, keeping beds weeded, leaf clean-up, winter visits for debris and pruning—you know, the regular stuff—is all part of required lawn care maintenance.

This is designed as a 12-month service to take care of your lawn year ’round. Select our Full Maintenance program as a total maintenance program for your lawn and landscape.

We recommend always mulching beds. Each spring and possibly fall is ideal for mulching. Your landscape will look fresh and manicured. Also it is probably the best weed control for beds. As the mulch breaks down, the soil is improved by these added nutrients.

Annual flowers can be part of this program and scheduled for planting at the appropriate time. Or we will schedule a reminder for your seasonal color plan. We can plant flowers at almost any time of the year. The seasonal addition of flowers will ensure the most attractive landscape.

Many clients use Ryegrass for a year ‘round green lawn. For the Organic Program client, this is a great weed control for winter weeds. This is best scheduled between September 15 and October 15.

Knowing that your landscape is getting the care it needs to look its best is of the upmost importance to us.