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Nutsedge Control

As soon as it warms up in May, here it comes: nutsedge problem. Mow it and it returns stronger than the week before. Pull it and here it comes, as though nothing has been done to control this weed.

There is a solution, and a good one. We treat this weed in late May and early June when it first starts to appear. The products we use have almost eliminated this weed from some turf areas. It has reduced it so much, that many clients skip it in the following year because it has not returned or has become a minor problem. We retreat this weed as needed through September. Call our office at anytime if it returns.


Core Aerification

Mechanical Core removal allows air, water and nutrient penetration to the root zone of plants more easily. That’s why it works so well. You see lawns green-up a week later just from this process. Winter damaged St. Augustine benefits greatly from this process. It also helps prevent thatch, soil compaction and diseases. This is one of the best non-chemical treatments for a healthy lawn. The cost is based on lawn size.


When temps are in the 90s (June–August):
Dallisgrass Controls

Dallisgrass is a perennial weed that will return even if chemical applications have been made to control it. Our program goes after the root of the weed. This allows our technicians to start to eliminate the troublesome perennial so that it may not return. We need hot weather to make Dallisgrass control work. We respray for this weed as needed through the hot summer months.