pic-sub-lawn-basicBasic Program: Yearly Schedule

January–May and October–December:
Pre-Emergents (Weed Control)

Weed controls start early in the year and begin again in the late summer months. These applications aid in controlling weeds before they start. Once watered in, the pre-emergent weed control sets up a barrier in the soil to prevent seeds from germinating. Ideally you will never see the potential weed problems.

Your technician will also spray for any weeds already established on all regular lawn care visits. We use a mixture of pre-emergent and fertilizer as an application to lengthen the control of weeds in the grass growing seasons. As always, there is no extra charge if we need to re-spray for weeds within 30 days after your last lawn application.

Fertilizers (Spring, Early Summer, Summer)

Diamond Lawn uses dry, granular fertilizers that are safe and clean to effectively feed the lawn through its root system. We include sulfur in our fertilizer applications throughout the year, not just once. This will benefit the soil pH levels and aid in loosening our typical Texas heavy clay soils. Also, regular sulfur applications will reduce or eliminate insects such as fleas and other nuisance pests. Sulfur is a key ingredient to our long-term soil health in heavy clay soils.

Our fertilizers are derived and formulated from natural sources. Most of the components are mined elements that are then re-developed into the clean prells you can see after our applications. This allows us to evenly distribute the lawn products to your lawn and landscapes.

Urea-based nitrogen will be a constant part of our lawn program. These fertilizers are naturally slow-release. This will allow the turf to maintain an even color for a longer period. Some liquid fertilizers and the chemical base nitrates will not provide the long greening we can develop from our fertilizer program. We can eliminate most surge growth form this type of feeding.

Grub Control

The grubworm prevention program is included in our basic program. These important preventative programs are applied in the summer months to target the grub when it is actively feeding turf grass roots. Tiff lawns require this application due to their susceptibility to this pest problem. This application can also aid in the control of other nuisance pests such as chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, and others.