pic-sub-lawn-careLawn Service Carollton, Colleyville and Dallas Metroplex

Whether you need lawn service in Carrollton, Colleyville or anywhere in the Dallas area, Diamond Lawn Service should be considered first. Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn that is the envy of your neighbors is difficult, time consuming and requires knowledge of grasses, weeds, pest and how best to apply fertilizers, weed and bug control. Spending an hour a week mowing and edging your yard isn’t going to produce the results that are stunning. You spend a lot of money on your beautiful house, so why show it off with a poorly maintained yard. Let Diamond Lawn help your horticultural plans? Diamond Lawn has operated in professional lawn care in the Dallas areas including the towns of Allen, Addison, Coppell and all metro cities since 1971. That’s over 40 years of experience in an industry that has become part of the American landscape. We have over double that amount of experience in the gardening industry. We offer services for both residential and commercial services from the simple mowing and trimming to full services to produce that “Yard of the Month” look.

Diamond Lawn Offers a Wide Variety of Lawn Care Services

lawnTo ensure the beauty and health of your yard it is important that you guard it against weeds and pests that can damage and destroy your entire yard. Diamond Lawn offers annual programs that are designed to ensure a healthy, deeply rooted lawn and landscape for years to come. For those that are looking for the most basic program year round, we offer weed and grub protection and fertilizer at the proper seasons. Our optional program provides for protection against additional weeds and pests that can harm your yard. Check out both programs and see which fits your needs the best. Diamond Lawn also offers all of our lawn treatments in organic options. We do not believe in applying lawn applications unless they provide a needed benefit to your property.

If you are in need of ongoing maintenance in the form of mowing, trimming shrubs, weeding beds and cleanup of leaves, we offer full lawn maintenance.   Maintaining your yard without taking care of your trees and shrubs can leave your lawn short of the overall beauty that your desire so we also offer tree and shrub services.

Finally, in our Texas weather one of the most important factors in maintaining a beautiful lawn is proper irrigation. Diamond Lawn offers full service to your irrigation systems to ensure that they are operating properly and not wasting water and providing adequate coverage.

Contact Diamond Lawn for Your Lawn Maintenance Needs

Regardless of where you are in the greater Dallas Metroplex area, take a look at all of the services Diamond Lawn Service offers and how our programs can improve your lawn care to give you that yard that you dreamed about. Use our handy contact form and let us start to produce that Yard of the Month that will be the envy of your neighbors. Check out all of our programs below for details on each:

Yearly Schedule: Basic Program

Basic Program Treatment Schedule
Spring Pre-Emergent January, February, March
Spring Fertilizer March, April, May
Early Summer Fertilizer May, June
Summer Fertilizer July, August, September
Grub Control July-September
Fall Pre-Emergent October, November, December


Yearly Schedule: Optional Program

Optional Program Treatment Schedule
Nutgrass Control May-September
Dallisgrass Control Year Round, call anytime
Core Aerification March-November

icon-DLS-Website_starburst-chargeWe always blow all walks and drives clean of fertilizers.

For your convenience, we can contact you first before starting any applications. We can easily address gates, pools, pets or other issues if you let us know your concerns.