One of the most important ingredients to a beautiful landscape is proper irrigation. We make sure that your irrigation system is running properly. Annual system tests insure that all parts of your system are operating correctly.

Our experienced and licensed crews eliminate waste by proper controller programming, checking for necessary head spacing, and making adjustments.  We can ensure that your lawn is getting the best distribution on water while saving this vital resource.

We install rain and freeze sensors, as required by your city code. This is a must for most city-mandated water conservation programs.

Diamond Lawn Service also installs complete systems and modifies existing systems in new landscaping. Some systems have been operating for 20 years or more and may need updating to correct coverage or install new equipment for mature landscape. The same company that provides your lawn and landscape care can also furnish all these changes.

We offer free estimates for all residential projects. We also estimate costs on commercial properties after we complete a thorough irrigation system check.  If you have a question about whether your irrigation system is providing the most for your money or you need any repairs or improvements to your system be sure to contact Diamond Lawn.