Lawn Maintenance FAQs

At Diamond Lawn, we offer answers to frequently asked questions that help solve customer concerns:

1. Is weekly mowing important?
In early spring and fall, we skip many mowing visits because of turf grass not actively growing. However, in the growing season weekly mowing is very important to the overall appearance and health of the lawn. Mowing should not exceed removal of more than 1/3 of the grass blade.

2. Why should I mulch my beds? Can I do it just once?
The best way to control weeds in beds is by mulching. Up to 2 inches is a standard depth to spread the mulch. Other advantages to mulching include moisture retention, especially in the summer, it will break up heavy clay soils, and most importantly it provides professional detailed look to your landscape. This may need to be repeated each year or every other for a fresh look.

3. How often should I water?
This is a quick answer to a complicated issue. Most research indicates that one inch of water per week is sufficient for our Texas lawns and landscapes. Skip watering when rainfalls adequate and adjust to increase watering in the summer heat. Newly planted landscape and turf require additional water until established. Have your technician advise you further. We need to use our water wisely. 

Contact us any time with your horticultural questions. We really care!