Irrigation System FAQs

At Diamond Lawn, we offer answers to frequently asked questions about your irrigation system that help solve customer concerns:

irrigation system FAQs

1. How much do you charge per hour?
$85.00 an hour plus parts. We will run the system and make small adjustments. If larger repairs needed we will give these repair costs to you for approval to make needed repairs.

2. Why are my sprinklers not watering?
There are three reasons why your sprinklers may not be watering:

  1. The most common reason your sprinklers are not watering is because the rain sensor is active. Do you have a rain sensor on your sprinkler system? If so, bypass the sensor. It may need to be replaced.
  2. Check your programming in the controller. Specifically Watering Start Times & Water Days. It may be the clock turned off due to an electrical surge. Need to re-set clock and this should correct.
  3. Is the water on? Check your double check, make sure it’s on. If restrictions in place, the city you are in can turn off the double check if watering takes place at times not within the approved times to water, etc.

If these three steps do not fix the problem, call Diamond Lawn Service.

3. What if the water keeps running?
First turn the controller to “OFF”. If the water continues to run, turn the water off at the double check by the street.  This is usually the green square box by the street to accesses the irrigation, not the household water supply.

4. Why is the water hitting the driveway and not the lawn?
Sprinkler heads may need adjusting.  The nozzles at the top can be turned to correct.

5. When water is shooting up in the air, what’s wrong?
Nozzle tip is missing, needs to be replaced if damaged.

6. With water restrictions in place, how can I water my landscape two times in 24 hours?
Set two starting times for 12 hours apart on the program you are using.  You can also use the program 1 and 2.  Set program 2 to run at a time after program 1 has completed.

7. If I have a valve leak can I repair it myself or do I need a licensed irrigator?
Yes, you can make any needed repairs yourself to your irrigation system.  If a technician is called out, they MUST be licensed by the State of Texas to make those repairs.

8. Can you give me a quote for repairs?
Unfortunately we do not know what repairs are needed until its excavated and checked out. We will run the system and make needed repairs to estimate what is needed for the irrigation to be running properly.  On occasion, zones may not be working & we may need to get one zone running before the next zone can be repaired.

9. If there is a Zone on your system that does not turn OFF after the cycle is completed, what is wrong?
The diaphragm may be damaged and will not let the valve turn off. Turn off double check immediately and call for repairs. There may also be some debris in the line that has caused the valve to not turn off. Cleaning out the valve will correct the problem.