pic-sub-faq-adminAt Diamond Lawn, we offer answers to frequently asked questions that help solve customer concerns:

1. Who do I talk to if I have a problem with my service?
Our office staff readily answers most questions about your lawn and landscape programs. Service managers answer questions concerning your service.

2. Do you require signed contracts?
A signed contract is required for Full Maintenance service. For Lawn care and other services, we simply request a 30-day written notice for cancellation of services.

3. After service is provided how will I be invoiced?
We leave an invoice at the door after each application. If there are watering instructions and notes concerning your lawn and landscape, we leave them at the same time. 

4. Can you call me before my scheduled applications?
Yes, we are happy to call you first to schedule applications. Please provide the phone numbers to reach you during business hours. We know this is necessary for those with pets, locked gates, pools etc.